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Publishing an application to Google Play Store

Google Play is the leading Android applications platform for publishers and users. In this tutorial we shall see how to deploy an Android application on the Google play marketplace.

1. Creating application
2. Signing the application
3. Creating images/videos for publication
4. Signing up for Google play developer account
5. Publishing the application
a) Uploading APK
b) Store Listing
c) Geographical distribution and pricing
6. References

Creating application:

Creating your cutting edge android application which is useful for the users can take 7 days to 1 month. Once you have learnt android programming, it is very easy to add the wow factor to your application. There are enormous tutorials and books available for help on creating the next big android application.


Signing the application:

After creating the application, we need to create the distributable apk file for the application. There is a developer signature attached to every Android application available on the Google play marketplace. If you are using Eclipse IDE for your app. development, then the following screenshot shows how to add signature to your application:

Creating images/videos for publication:

When publishing the application on play store, we shall need to upload the associated images/videos for the application. The following images shall be required when publishing the application:

1) App. screenshots:
a) Min length for any side: 320px. Max length for any side: 3840px.
b) For Phone, 7inch and 10inch tablet, maximum 8 screenshots per type can be uploaded
c) Its best to use the emulator or a phone/tablet with USB debugging enabled for taking the app. screenshots.
2) Icon: A 512 X 512 pixel icon is required for display in the play store.
3) Feature/Promo graphic: On the play store, we can also display a big promotional image for the application with resolution as 1024 X 500.


Signing up for Google play developer account:

Before you start publishing your awesome apps on the play store, you need to pay a one time fee of $25 to Google. The link to sign up for the developer account is:


Publishing the application:

The publication of any android application on the play store requires a few steps as described below:


Uploading APK:

In the signing your application section, you created a distributable apk file for your application which needs to be uploaded to the play store. When users click on Install button in the play store, the apk file shall be downloaded on their android device and installed.


Store Listing:

The store listing section consists of

1) Application name
2) Application description
3) Recent changes in the updated version of the application
4) Screenshots
5) Icons
6) Category and Content Rating
7) Contact details
8) Privacy policy
All the above components of the app listing are important in the marketing of your application. A good name, description and app images can make the difference between a killer and so-so application. Moreover, we can also provide a translation of the text/images in above sections for different countries and user base.


Geographical distribution and pricing:

In the Pricing and Distribution section, we can select if the app is paid or free. Additionally, we can choose the countries in which the application shall be available.

Usually free apps are ad supported. There are banner, push, icon, interstitial ad types available for integration in your application. For paid apps, Google shares 70% revenue with developers and keeps 30%.



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