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September 28th 2017:

As we begin to roll out the promotions for Appzmarketplace, we have started to add a few little extra`s to the website. Today we have added the “Locations” feature so that users can easily track their orders, and communicate with the seller more efficiently, giving the developer time to respond in a more timely fashion, as there will always be a time delay in response due to world time zones.

We also thought that it may be of benefit to all of our users to grab a few FREE E-Books which are all App Related. This section can be found in the footer of the marketplace. So this page will constantly be updated as Appzmarketplace grows. If you have an E-Book that is “App Related” then please drop us a message through the “Contact Us” page, and we will be more than happy to add it to our page for you.

And to top things off we thought it would be a Great way for our Developers to show off just some of their Apps and Games by adding a “Featured Apps and Games Page“. So be sure to drop by and download the Featured Apps and Games and leave our developers an honest review.


3rd October 2017:

We have a Mass email and social media promotion underway to bring in new marketers and developers, as well as like minded users looking to order app related services today. Be sure to check back soon !.

Also New to today is our very own Partnership Opportunities announcement giving businesses and freelancers advertising space for 30 days.

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