Appz Marketplace

The Complete Micro Job Marketplace for all of your needs.

1. Who We Are

Millions of people around the globe are joining the micro job market and becoming freelancers, working from home in their spare time, offering their services for a fee. We’re helping shape the future of work, with new products to discover, connect and manage any project. At Appz Marketplace you will find professionals with the experience and knowledge required to meet your goals. Whether its Graphic and Design or Website or App Development. You will find freelancers ready to help you and deliver a professional service as per your requirements.

2. Why Choose Appz Marketplace

We can help you:

  • Build a convenient micro job marketplace platform
  • Focus on User Experience: Only with a few simple steps, buyers can choose a suitable provider to get things done. Browse – Buy – Done. It sounds simple, but is actually the result of countless hours of research for an optimized UX.
  • Easy to use: Buyers can easily find related services, order and monitor till everything’s completed. They can also discuss with sellers to add extra services to match their requirements.
  • High quality providers: Appz Marketplace offers you beautifully-crafted profile page as well as monetizable tools to help sellers attract more buyers. No professional presentation skills needed.
  • Smooth transaction: Different payment methods and gateways are provided, from USA to EU to Asia.
  • Easy customization:  Appz Marketplace has a minimal and content-focused design to make it easier for further customization.
  • Create a safe & reliable micro job marketplace platform
  • Trustful reviews: Sellers get review only from Buyers who experience their services.
  • Service reputation: Buy and see the reputation of a Seller in order to find the best fit.
  • Easy order tracking:  We build interactive Conversation inbox and Dashboard so both Buyers and Sellers can easily track the status of each order.
  • Resolve any disputes: We build a dispute system that admin can arbitrate and make sure of the platform’s reliability.
  • Increase the performance of your micro job marketplace platform
  • Fast: We test the performance of Appz Marketplace with various hosting providers to make sure it’s blazing fast.
  • Secured: We make sure your users are always protected with secure login and payment process.
  • Smooth: We optimize all interactive flows on site with clean CSS and HTML5 code so your users can have the best experience on your platform.
  • Make money with Appz Marketplace
  • By Commission: You can monetize by charging commission on each transaction made in your marketplace.
  • By Member Plans: You can build multiple package plans for your users.
  • By Featured Plans: You can charge your sellers for featuring their services.

3. How It Works

  • Browse your needs

           Type your needs in search box to get the best results.

  • Pick a job

           Choose from popular mJobs and pick your favorite one.

  • Get it done

           Pay through our safe and reliable system. And get the job done from people who love what they do.