First of all, we need to tell about the promotion and why you need it for your app. So, it is needed for a bigger number of new users to install your app and it should be noticeable in Google Play. 

As a fact we want to say that most users install applications after seeing them in first positions in categories or searching for a store.

Get Android application downloads to increase your search ranks in Stores.

You can boost positions of your app and drive more organic traffic cheaper and with greater benefits than PPC user acquisition does.

Let’s specify the benefits of ASO:

  • Increased app’s search ranking and get more visibility in Google Play ranks;
  • You will have more real users that will become your regular customers;
  • You’ll have stable cash flow from installs, great visibility and good conversion rates of your app after optimization will provide you with stable cash;
  • You won’t need to spend a lot of money to get more installs. If your app is optimized, the users will find and download it.

Only the main factors are known:

  • The number of installs;
  • Dynamics of installs;
  • User ratings;
  • The number of reviews;
  • The number of deletions of the application from the device;
  • The number of launches of the application by users;
  • ASO (the impact on these factors to increase the position of the application is called app store optimization)

Your app should be free on the Play Store!

  • This service includes: downloading + installing + opening the application!
  • 100% real downloads from real people!
  • This service raises the rank of your application within a few days!


You need 0-48 hours for results to appear in the App Store!

  • Application link.
  • The number of downloads you want per day (this option is optional and not mandatory).