If you have a really good promotional video for your app, dont let it go to waste.

Im offering 10,000 real views to your app promotion video for this price..  Dont get confused its not simple Youtube views as we target only Android app users.

(Works out to $0.0015 per video view!!)

Im offering to show your cool video to real users in order to drive interested targetted users to your app store app and increase your real installs count. You are NOT buying youtube video views as we only target app users on mobile Android devices….. So not only will you increase Youtube video views but also app installs.

This is better than buying cheap installs because these users are interested in your app and hence more likely to keep and use your app. This can result in more IAP sales if you offer them..

Video Requirements:
Public video listed on Youtube
Less than 60 seconds long
Good quality
Relevant to your app

We can provide view and click stats on a country basis which also shows the CTR. You should receive traffic and installs from this promotion (these are UTM tracked) and so will show up on your Play Console in the Acquisition reports from ‘apppromoterviews’.

We cannot gaurantee the number of conversions or installs generated by this promotion, it depends on the user, your app and the quality of your video. But remember videos will convert better than plain banenrs or text ads!